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Typhoon - NEW Mentos Mint (2 Pods Pack)

Typhoon - NEW Mentos Mint (2 Pods Pack)

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Mentos Mint: Typhoon new Mentos mint has pure sensational taste of mentos and soothing mountainous feel of menthol.Mentos Mint take on the famous menthol and mint candy Mentos. With an ice-cold and refreshing sensation created with every inhale, Typhoon Mentos mint is sure to become a hit among to the mentos lovers that prefers menthol flavours. Coming in only two flavours, Mentos mint is expertly made, just like every Typhoon line created by Typhoon You can either enjoy the classic menthol taste with the Minty Fresh flavour or indulge their senses with the second flavour, Fruity Fresh, a medley of ice-cold menthol fruits.

Typhoon pods are only to be used with the Typhoon device.

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  • Strength: 5% Nic Salts
  • 2 x Typhoon Pod: 1.9ml
  • Puffs: 450-550